Branding Wyred Style


What makes a brand truly successful in the long term? When you look at toy companies that are popular in the local and global marketplace, instantly-recognizable vehicle brands, or even the everyday, trusted names of the petroleum industry, what is it about their company brand and reputation that delivers them market share year after year?

In this blog, Wyred Digital accounts for the key aspects of traditional branding, tools, and strategies and looks to more advanced ideas that your company can implement toward greater success.

Wyred Digital aims for increased visibility, distinguishing your company from the competition, and consistency in your brand identity. We believe that success is a starting point as well as an endpoint. 



Branding: Old School


You can imagine that it all starts with newspapers and television, but marketing goes back further than that! Radio ads, print advertising on light poles, and word-of-mouth advertising are ways to get messages across. If you want to grasp traditional advertising, think about communication channels and the aggregation of people.

This is a core strategy for companies. Promoting your brand identity and influencing how consumers perceive your company and service is a must-do for companies seeking to attract new business and increase their revenue.



The traditional model goes something like this:


This will get your company some way down the advertising road. Branding is very important, as your customers and potential investors will make subjective decisions about who you say you are ( how your brand identity is promoted). Traditional marketing tends to run with these identifiable components and run them through existing mediums. This often creates a box for the company to live in (one which they may have difficulty getting out of!)


There is a popular assumption that certain designs, colors, and fonts are more attractive than others to certain consumers: professionals, retirees, teenagers, and working parents. A good example is how the fast-food industry uses reds or yellows in storefronts, furniture, and advertising materials. This is because of the runaway success of Mcdonald’s! Similar branding strategies come to be applied across the industry. This can be a good thing when you think about associations but detrimental when your brand is thought of as secondary to the company that inspired it.


Another example is in the technology industry. Most companies rely on rounded, Meta-inspired fonts and logo designs. Everything is minimalist, clean, and sleek. Unfortunately, this means most brands use similar branding, making them indistinguishable from one another. 


Therefore, branding must be something to observe and customize as time progresses. This doesn’t mean an overhaul is always necessary. If you look at Lego, the company makes the same product year after year, but it has created a memorable space in the toy industry. It had to adapt, try new things, and reinvent itself



Branding: The New School


Innovation: that’s the keyword for a discussion about branding in the new age of digital communication and advertising. The Internet has forced companies to think about modern communication styles and patterns and the subjectivity of individuals.

A brand that associates itself with contemporary concepts and trends can ride the wave of popularity, insuring itself against obsolescence. But to the consumer, there are often too many choices. Fresh new ideas grasp attention better than predictable expectations.



Branding: Wyred Style!


Innovation should be viewed as evolution. If you know your company’s service has value and your product is of high quality, the next step you take must maintain the quality, sustain trust in your audiences, and recapture their attention (often, away from something newer offered by a competitor).

Digital marketing provides a brilliant means to innovate: it’s less expensive when you don’t have to print paperback materials. However, it can be a costly investment into technology, which alone doesn’t guarantee a return on that investment.

Branding ought to be forward-looking. Wyred Digital focuses on strategy instead of nailing down branding and marketing. It focuses on how the message is expressed and what will create traction. We call it our “Measure, Monitor and Manage” strategy.


Our clients are given insights into their marketing efforts, inclusive of their brand identity, its strengths, and the consistency with which the brand identity is communicated. This opens up our clients to new tools and ways of communication, which has a domino effect on newer audiences. Innovating by using a newer medium – for example, unique designs and video animations – can appeal to younger generations who will grow up to have the disposable income to purchase products and services.


Innovative branding doesn’t have to fall far from the tree – some things remain at the core, recognizable for your existing customers. Innovative branding in your website design or logo design can enhance your company’s visibility, but you need insights into what’s working and what can be changed.


Wyred Digital believes in evaluating through data and performance measures. With digital systems that can provide data and feedback, it’s possible to gauge website traffic, hits, and likeability—and offer the ever-useful customer experience survey. With the power of information, insightful ideas can become actions, and the results can be measured.


Wyred Digital stands out by creating truly personalized and unique branding strategies. They’re designed to make your company stand out in the industry. We take what worked for other companies and use that as inspiration, not as the blueprint. The marketplace is crowded with all kinds of companies, and your company will stand out with unique and effective branding! If you are looking for expert consultants for digital marketing in Reno, Vegas, or Henderson, get in touch with Wyred Digital today!