The stress of hiring and recruitment is real.


There’s no doubt about it—when you’re looking for a new employee, it’s easy to focus on the process: what qualifications are you looking for? What kind of culture do you want to create? What’s your budget? How will you know if someone is a good fit?


But when you finally make that decision, it’s not just about whether or not your candidate fits the job description. It’s also about whether or not they will be able to get along well with the rest of your team and whether or not they’ll be able to mesh with the culture of your company. And if they can’t, you’ve just made a bad hire—and that’s something that can truly put your business at risk.


So what should you do to ensure you’ve made the right hiring choice? 

Why Do Bad Hires Happen? 

Bad hires can occur for many reasons.


The most common reason is that the hiring manager doesn’t have enough experience with hiring to know who they’re looking for. Suppose the hiring manager is operating a small business in Reno (Vegas, Henderson); they might be desperate to fill an open position, or they might have been pressured by their boss to hire someone quickly. These can lead to bad hires—people who don’t have the skills or experience needed for the job but were hired anyway because there was a lack of good candidates.


Another reason bad hires occur is when there’s no clear understanding of what it means to be successful in the role. This can happen when hiring managers fail to set clear expectations for their team members and don’t provide adequate training resources so that new employees can learn what they need to succeed.


Sometimes bad hires happen because employers aren’t willing to invest in training and development programs that help people grow within their roles over time. Some companies don’t want to spend money on employee development if they don’t plan on keeping them around long-term (which means they wouldn’t see any return on investment).


The Hidden Costs

Bad hires can be expensive, tiresome, and inconvenient.


But they can also have a more subtle impact on your company: they can make you lose sight of your goals and mission.


The actual costs of a bad hire are hidden. They’ll show up as missed opportunities and wasted time when you have to spend time training new hires, or when you lose good employees because they’re under-utilized or demotivated by their co-workers’ poor performance. Those costs add up over time.

It’s not just about getting it right the first time; it’s about building a culture where people from all levels of the organization feel empowered to make decisions that will help them do their jobs better—and then trusting that those decisions will be executed well. A small business owner might have the potential to extend the reach from somewhere like Reno (Vegas, Henderson) to a more global scale, but that growth can be greatly hindered by hiring mistakes. 

How To Get Rid of A Bad Hire

It’s not easy to fire someone you’ve hired, but sometimes, it’s necessary for the viability and success of your workplace. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to trim the bad apples for the overall health of your workforce and company. That being said, firing someone can be hard, so here are some tips to make it a bit easier: 


  1. Don’t wait too long. If you know a person isn’t working out, try to get rid of them as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for everyone involved.


  1. Be honest about why they’re being let go. You don’t have to share all of the details with them—there may be other reasons besides their performance—but you should give them an idea of what’s going on and why they’re being let go so that they can move on with their lives and possibly find another job more quickly.


  1. Look at it as an opportunity for growth. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is take responsibility for our own mistakes and learn from them. When you make a mistake like this one, don’t be afraid to admit that you didn’t get it right—that way, when you do make another hiring mistake (and let’s face it, we all will), you’ll remember this one and try harder not to repeat it.

The Key to Making Better Hiring Choices

When you’re looking for a new employee, it can be tempting to skip the intermediary and reach out directly to people you think might be a good fit. You also might just wait for all of the Indeed applications to come in, or maybe you’ve posted your availability on a Reno (Vegas, Henderson) job board and are hoping this will attract the right talent. These are fairly popular hiring methods, but they aren’t the best for attracting qualified candidates. 

When you use a recruiter, you get access to a pool of candidates that best fit your company and position. They’ll save you time, effort, and money, by screening out candidates who aren’t suitable for your job openings. And, they’ll ensure that every candidate they send over has been thoroughly vetted by their team of experts. 

With Wyred Insights’ Digital Recruiter service, we make all of these steps even easier for you! Based in Reno (Vegas, Henderson), we partner with clients who need help finding qualified talent across the digital industry—whether it’s in digital marketing, sales, website or logo design, development, or management—and we do all of the work from start to finish. One of the benefits of a digital recruiter is that it saves you time on the front end. A digital recruiter will also vet and nurture candidates so that you only speak to the best of the best. 


We hope this post has been helpful to you, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for your company! Wyred Insights is a Reno (Vegas, Henderson) agency that can help you attract, retain, and succeed with qualified leads. If you’d like to learn more about how Wyred Insights can help you find the right candidates for your open positions, check out our Digital Recruiter service.